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This would be the best feature in the world, some if then programming, If product added then add a text block or add another required product (could be terms and conditions or product description)
A bit ask but I am so far very impressed given how many free trials i have signed up for.

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  • Andrew Legrand commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would love to see this. I just went through all the proposal software out there, and chose Nifty because of the flexibility. None of the competitors have this feature, but it would be so useful.

  • DD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    would be great if when client is reviewing / approving the estimate it could have if / then like this:

    -- client checks / selects an option, then yes show another option
    -- if client does not check option, then no keep other option hidden.

  • Laura Boylan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Almost all of our proposals consist of multiple lines pricing table, as well as multiple corresponding sections/content blocks. Currently, we have to add each pricing template item one-by-one, then pick the content template. We'd like to see the ability to tie the pricing line items to the content templates, so we can create common proposals with one selection, instead of having to remember which line items go with which templates.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is the best feature left to add to NiftyQuoter: Add a product in the price table --> its description (content block) is automatically added in a pre-defined content area.

    I supposed it wouldn't be so easy to develop, but here's my idea on how to make it nice:
    Let's say I'm a travel agency and have three types of products: Accomodation - Airport Transfers - Activities.

    Right now, I have in my proposal template a few default sections (about us, price table, terms and conditions...) that are kept no matter what, and three sections (accomodation, transfers, activities) that I remove when i don't need them (if the client only wants accomodation, then i remove "transfers" and "activities" from the quote).

    With this feature, I would remove these three sections from my default template. Then, if in my proposal I add a hotel (predefined as "accomodation"), then the "accomodation" section area is created AND the content block corresponding to the hotel added in that section area.
    Also, with this system, if I add "hotel" in the price table, then the "accomodation" group header could be added automatically in the price table.

    This is quite a big development i suppose, as it would probably require a real "product management" feature in the admin, but it would put NiftyQuoter so high above its competitors!

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