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Tokens & Custom tokens

Tokens can be used in text templates, proposals and emails to auto populate some parts of the text - this feature saves time and it's also much less error-prone than changing various values manually.

For example you should use tokens like [ClientFirstName] or [ClientLastName] instead of manually typing or pasting names of clients etc. Or you can also define your own custom tokens as explained below.

Predefined tokens

Proposal tokens:

[LinkToProposal] - this token will generate a clickable link in your emails.

[LinkToProposalWithoutTag] - if you use HTML emails you can customize a clickable text by using this token. Add for example "click here to view your proposal" text to your email template, then select this text, click "Attach file" button and insert [LinkToProposalWithoutTag] into the URL field. Please send yourself at least one email to check the link is working properly.

[LinkToProposalNoView] - this token will generate a clickable link in your emails that won't trigger the view action. Useful for sending links to colleagues.

[LinkToProposalOverview] - link to the overview screen - don't send to clients, use only for internal purposes

[ProposalName] [ProposalCode] [ProposalCreatedOn] [ProposalSentOn] [ProposalSentOnLast] [ProposalApprovedOn] [ProposalExpiresOn] [CurrentDate]

[TotalCost] [TotalCostWithTax] [TotalMonthlyCost] [TotalMonthlyCostWithTax] [TotalPeriodicCost] [TotalPeriodicCostWithTax]

Client tokens:

[ClientName] [ClientFirstName] [ClientLastName] [ClientCompany] [ClientEmail] [ClientPhone] [ClientWebsite] [ClientFullAddress] [ClientCountry] [ClientState] [ClientCity] [ClientZip] [ClientAddress] [ClientTitle] [ClientJobTitle] [ClientSignature]

User tokens:

[UserFirstName] [UserLastName] [UserCompany] [UserEmail] [UserJobTitle] [UserPhone] [UserEmailSignature]

To insert built-in tokens please just copy&paste them, type them manually or use this dropdown button:

Custom tokens

You can define your own custom tokens so you don't have to manually find and replace some specific parts of your template/proposal, it's useful for things that are variable or are mentioned multiple times in a proposal (e.g. [HourlyRate] , [NumberOfPeople] , [Site] , [MyCustomToken1] ...  ).

To add custom tokens just put brackets around some word (e.g. [my_token] , [MyToken123] etc. ) in the content and it will automatically show up here. Please note that there can't be any space inside the brackets.

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