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Import items / products from a CSV file

To import line items from a CSV file you need to:
  1. open one of the sample pricing templates in Templates / Pricing templates
  2. click the "Export to .csv button"
  3. modify the downloaded CSV file by adding your rows, while keeping the file format the same - all the columns and their order must stay the same and there shouldn't be more than 500 items in a single .csv file or pricing template (you can have unlimited pricing templates though)
  4. create a new pricing template and import the CSV file using the "Import from .csv" button
Other notes:
  • CSV files have to use the UTF-8 encoding with comma separated columns. MS Excel can't save CSV files in UTF-8, you need to use Google Docs, LibreOffice, OpenOffice etc.
  • You shouldn't import more than ~500 items into a single pricing template, because otherwise page rendering will be very slow and you might not be able to work with the template.
  • If you're getting errors when importing your CSV file, please send the file to and we'll look into it. Thank you.

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