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How can I set up custom domain?

Suppose your trial is on and you want your proposals to be served from your domain

To make this work you need to point the CNAME record with your subdomain (proposals) to (replace "myaccount" with your actual subdomain!) in your domain's DNS settings. And then, when the CNAME record has been successfully added, you need to fill in to the custom domain field in your account settings in NiftyQuoter.

You can add CNAME record to your domain DNS settings either by yourself or you can contact your registrar/webmaster and they should be able to do this for you.

How to do this by yourself:
Google has a nice guide how to add CNAME records for different most popular domain registrars:
If you'll follow Google's guide you want to use these values given our example situation outlined above:
Host Name/Alias Value/Destination
proposals (replace "myaccount" with your actual subdomain!)
Please note that some hosting services require you to add dot (.) at the end of the value/destination, so for example you're supposed to use "" instead of just "" (always replace "myaccount" with your actual subdomain).

If you use CloudFlare to manage your DNS: please disable the orange cloud next to the CNAME record you added - the cloud icon needs to be grey, otherwise we won't be able to enable HTTPS for your domain.

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