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Xero integration

New connections to Xero won't be possible after 4 August 2022 due to updated Xero partner policy. Existing connections to Xero will continue to work after this date.

What does the integration to Xero do?

  • Import clients - the integration with Xero allows you to easily import all your contacts from Xero to NiftyQuoter with one click of a mouse.
  • Export proposals & clients - you can export proposals from NiftyQuoter to Xero as invoices with one click. Contacts in Xero will be created automatically if needed as well.

Getting started

Go to My account / Integrations / Xero page and click "Connect to Xero" button. You'll be redirected to the Xero website where you need to click the green "Authorise" button and you'll be redirected back to NiftyQuoter. Now you can configure the integration using the available options:
  • Default account code - Default account code used when creating line items in invoices.
  • Invoice due date days - This field is optional. Blank=no due date, 0=today, 1=tomorrow etc.
  • Import clients from date - When importing clients only clients created or modified after this date will be imported. Leave blank for all clients.
  • Export item descriptions - Check to export item descriptions. By default only item names are exported.
  • Export item codes - Check to export line item codes.
  • Import only customers - Check to import only customers.
  • 'Reference' field in invoices - Which field to export to the reference field in Xero when creating invoices (either 'Proposal code' or 'Proposal name')
  • Import clients from Xero automatically when someone creates a new proposal - Check to automatically import clients when someone creates a new proposal.

Importing clients from Xero

If you enable "Import clients from Xero automatically when someone creates a new proposal" checkbox you won't have to do this manually, but clients will be imported every time you create a new proposal. If you want only recent contacts you can fill out the "Import clients from date" field on the Xero integration settings page, if you leave it blank all your contacts will be imported.

To start the import process manually click the "Import clients from Xero" on the clients page in NiftyQuoter. This process may take a few minutes depending on the number of your contacts. You can reload the page after a few minutes and your clients from Xero should be displayed, you'll see the Xero logo on those imported rows.

Exporting proposals to Xero

You can create invoices in Xero from proposals in NiftyQuoter.

Go to the proposal overview page and click the "Create invoice in Xero" button:
  1. If this proposal's client is not imported from Xero before it will try to create him in Xero. If a client with that name already exists in Xero, he will be updated.
  2. Then a new invoice in Xero will be created using the line items from the proposal.
  3. Recurring line items (monthly etc.) will be exported to the invoice like this: "line item name (first month)".


Can the integration import products from Xero?
  • No, it can't.
Can the integration automatically export approved proposals to Xero?
  • No, you need to export proposals manually.
Can the integration import clients from Xero automatically?
  • Yes, please check the 'Import clients from Xero automatically when someone creates a new proposal' checkbox.

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