Xero integration

Getting started

Go to My account / Integrations / Xero page and click "Connect to Xero" button. You'll be redirected to the Xero website where you need to click the green "Authorise" button and you'll be redirected back to NiftyQuoter.

Importing clients from Xero

When successfully connected to Xero you can import your contacts from Xero to NiftyQuoter. If you want only recent contacts you can fill out the "Import clients from date" field on the Xero integration settings page, if you leave it blank all your contacts will be imported.

To start the import process click the "Import clients from Xero" on the clients page in NiftyQuoter. This process may take a few minutes depending on the number of your contacts. You can reload the page after a few minutes and your clients from Xero should be displayed, you'll see the Xero logo on those imported rows.

Creating invoices in Xero

You can create invoices in Xero from proposals in NiftyQuoter.
  1. Go to the proposal overview page and click the "Create invoice in Xero" button:
  1. If this proposal's client is not imported from Xero before it will try to create him in Xero. If a client with that name already exists in Xero, he will be updated.
  2. Then a new invoice in Xero will be created using the line items from the proposal.
  3. Recurring line items (monthly etc.) will be exported to the invoice like this: "line item name (first month)".

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