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Internal approvals/signatures

You can:
  • internally approve/sign proposals
  • add this signature to proposals so it's visible by your clients
  • set the app to automatically sign proposals with your signature after clients approve a proposal
You can't:
  • prevent anyone from sending unapproved/unsigned proposals to clients

How to internally approve/sign proposals?

  1. Upload a scan or photo of your signature to your user profile (only admins can do that by default, but you can change permissions so other roles can do that too):
  2. Use the "Sign..." button on the proposal overview screen
  3. Or check the "Automatically sign proposals with our signature after clients approve proposals" in My Account / Proposals.

How can I display my signature?

  1. Add the [UserSignature] token to your text templates/proposals. You probably want to add this above or below the [ClientSignature] token. You can even add them on the same line if you insert an invisible table with 2 columns and no borders (border size = 0) and set the right alignment of client signatures in your theme settings.

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