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Can I use multiple logos?

The app doesn't support multiple logos / departments / divisions / companies. You can use the following workaround to use different logos for different proposals, but that won't solve other issues you'll probably run into.

If you want to try the workaround you need to create a new theme and add the following CSS code that will override your current logo:

  1. upload your primary logo in My account / Basic
  2. upload the other logo as any other image:
  3. create a new theme and copy&paste the CSS code from this page to the Custom CSS tab:
  4. then change the URL of the image from "" to the actual URL of your other logo from step #2
  5. you may also want to modify the height of the logo (90px)
  6. you'll be able to use this new theme only for some of your proposals or text templates

The CSS code you need to copy&paste to your new theme:

.logo-container img,
.company-logo img{
  visibility: hidden;

.logo-container img{
  height: 90px;

  background-position: center !important;
  background-image: url("") !important;
  background-size: contain !important;
  background-repeat: no-repeat !important;

  background-position: bottom !important;

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